start investing America sets new rules for a common short-term investment Argentina and its debt, Russia and the discount that investors apply to it, and the SEC’s new rules on money-market funds Alibaba’s money-market fund made Chinese banking more competitive. Now, it threatens to make it more risky As banks retreat in the wake of the financial crisis, “shadow banks” are taking on a growing share of their business, says Edward McBride. Will that make finance safer! Shadow banks helped cause the financial crisis. Better regulated, they could help avert the next one22 Shadow banking can reduce risk, but only if failure is an option. China’s central bank pins down some interest rates that the Fed leaves to the market, and it affords great freedom to other rates that the Fed tightly manages European banks feel persecuted by American regulators. Should they More wrongdoing at banks, more swingeing fines, no prosecutions Regulators should avoid tightening the rules on the fund-management industry The Bank of England faces questions over its role in rigged forex deals The ECB does not want monetary conditions to be tightened anywhere Keeping deflation at bay may involve controversial new policies this year An admission of collusion exposes banks to further legal woes Forcing banks to hold more capital may not always be wise Одесса, Ukraine
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