Watching Russian TV Online Could Be the Best Move You Make Today Watching TV online is as easy as clicking a button. , on the other hand, isn’t as simple as a single click. But wait—if you fuse the two, could that make learning Russian easier and clicking a button harder? Well, the difficulty won’t actually be harder (unless your finger spasms), but watching TV online will definitely make learning Russian easier (and more fun). After all, using music and videos is a great way to learn Russian. Learning videos will definitely improve your Russian, but sometimes you can’t help but want something a little less overtly educational. You might already be enjoying Russian movies or cutting a rug to Russian music, and now you’ll be able to stream Russian TV online as well. Since it’s such a great way to both entertain and educate yourself, check out this selection of five sites that’ll let you livestream Russian television. 85982
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